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Testosterone - is testosteron enanthate used in back pain or disk misplace?

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LaurieShay 16 Apr 2014

Seems a little strange to use a hormone for a musculoskeletal problem. Not sure how that would help.

DzooBaby 17 Apr 2014

Testosterone is often given to men who use opioid drugs long term. Opioid drugs suppress testosterone leading to hypogonadism in males. They give testosterone supplementation to treat this. Men with back pain are often treated with long term opioids. If you know a male who has chronic back pain who has been given testosterone, it is probably because he has been on opioid pain medicines a long time. Testosterone doesnt treat the back pain, it treats side effects from using pain meds long term.

Kawasakizx14 17 Apr 2014

Testosterone is used to stimulate muscle development and bone growth, and in some patients given to increase appetite.

But like said above by others frequently men whom have been taking pain meds for a long period of time will suffer from Low T and fail to heal injuries because of the Low T.

I had a neck fusion surgery that would not heal, it wasn't until I saw a Physical Medicine Specialist that he identified that at age 38 at the time that I had a Testosterone and Growth Hormone level of an 85 year old man. I was immediately place on hormone replacement therapy and I felt much better afterwards. free discount card

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