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I have a testosterone rating of 8 is that good bad or somewhere in the middlr?

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tonyplake 6 Nov 2014

Hi, goldenlion,

Well unless you made a typo a testosterone level of 8 is about as low as you can go except for 7,6,5,4,3,2,1. Most lab tests show the lowest normal as around 200. Some like Lab Corp. show 335 or so. I am 65 and had my testosterone tested and it was 200. That explained my lack of overall energy, no sex drive, and no sexual impulses. You qualify for HRT - hormone replacement therapy - your choices may be limited by your insurance company, but there are many for you to supplement your body's lack of testosterone - injections of 200mg. a week of testosterone cypionate and 200 mg. of decadurabolin, various gels - AndroGel 1.62%, testosterone patches and more. I don't know your age, how you feel but with that low a number I can only guess, and I am thinking I am on the mark: no energy, no sex, no morning woody, etc. Run to your doctor and find a HRT that works for you. I was 200 now with AndroGel 1.65 4 pumps/day, I am in the 400's. After the first 10 days I was in the 600's.
Man, it is 2014 and a different world for medical options - get on it.
All the best,
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