49 yo F with Chronic pain due to Osteo arthritis. My Doc had me on Percocet 10/325 and just did a UDS and I came back positive for Oxazapam! The cut off for this drug says 75 and my level was 76. I am also prescribed to Fluvoxamine, Cyclobenzaprine, Hydroxazine, Omeprazole, Atorvastatin.and Triam. I also use some herbal remedies such as Black Cohosh and some little towelette things i came across in the drug store to help you cool down when having hot flashes. They contain Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Amica, Sea Weed, Chamomile flower, Lemon peel Red Clover, St Johns Wort, Evening Primrose, Wild Yam , Tea Tree, and also Black Cohosh.
My Doc has sent me an E mail telling me they will no longer write my Rx for my pain medication but will refer me to Pain Management Facility. My levels for my pain meds came back all consistent with my dosage but this other crap I did not take!