I am 74 years old and have been using testim successfully for several years to counteract hypogonadism. Although my hypertension was reasonably well controlled, I developed CKD a consequence, i think, of years of untreated sleep apnoea. Over the past 12months my serum creatinine started to rise and a mass developed in the hilum of my left kidney; the kidney was removed three weeks ago and all BP medication and testim was stopped. My eGFR is now eGFR is now 17ml/min and I am clearly losing muscle mass rapidly and generally showing the effects of hypogonadism. I am now taking lercadamine 10mg and doxasosin 2mg on Drs advice to keep a low BP.Should I go back on testim as before?The medical literature is almost silent on this (as are my Drs!)and at best contradictory.