He put it in my husbands name for ins . Reasons. I was on wayfaron blood thinner at the time. The Dr. Showed me how to apply and said just put the size of a dime in your palm and rub it over your chest area. I did what he showed me. Included the breast and all around it. It didnt do any good. But aprox a yr later or less. I was DX with breast cancer. Ive had 4 surg and two week long hosp. Stays. This Dr dont even take your blood pressure. I weigh myself when I go in. All he does is write out the meds. What should I do? Im wondering if this caused my cancer. I also had a hyst of bloodclots and strokes and MS. What should I do? I no longer use it. But am wondering if it was illegal for him to write me a script in my husbands name. Esp one with all the side effects. Im lost. Have a bleeding ulcer now also thank you.