I been feeling werid for the past year having anxiety attacks and felt like some thing bad was going to happen to me. I also felt no engery and didnt want to do anything. I had may two or 3 good days out of the week, It feels like im in a cloud im sick but notting hurts. Everything works but dont want to use it. I ask my GP to check my testosterone and it came back at 189. Wow I was shocked, I went to the urologist and he said it was signs of menopause and gave me a hormone shot and told me to come back in two weeks, after a couple of days I felt normal again for 10 day striaght, I went back to see him as he ask, some of my anxiety was back by then. He gave me testim, I use it today for the first time today. I dont know if its suppose to work right a way but I feel werid like in a dazy, I dont know if the shot wore off or if its the gel making me frrl like that.I would like to know if you guy felt like me in the begning with the anxiety. Is that commen with low testosterone?