So a month and a few weeks ago I got tested , and was surprised to find I had Chlamydia .
I was given 1 dose of 1000g of Azithromycin to take 1 time only . I just got retested a week ago , and the results just came back saying I tested negative for Chlamydia .
Now how long does it take 1000 g of Azithromycin taken 1 time to get out of your system ? I tested 1 month after taking the antibiotic . So Im hoping the antibiotic didn't give me a false negative .
Im wondering , even though it says that I tested negative after taking the antibiotic if I should get retested 1 more time to make sure i really am negative for Chlamydia ? Or should I just stop worrying ?
Also , I took Flagyl 500 mg twice a day for 3 days and 1 dose the 4th day for BV/Trich but stopped because of side effects if I want to get retested for Chlamydia tomorrow , would the Flagyl still be in my system by tomorrow and effect the outcome of the results for my Chlamydia ?

And how common is a false negative for Chlamydia after taking Azithromycin ?

Thank you !