I am currently on Sprintec or Tri-sprintec a birth control pill. I am currently on my second pack of pills, the fourth week, and taking the fourth pill tomorrow morning. An I have not gotten my period yet. An I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. This was about two weeks ago now or will be two week exactly this Friday. Now I normally always take the pill either before I leave for school, or if there are days that I sleep in I will take it later. So say Monday thru Friday I'll be taking it about 6:45 to 7:00 am. Then on the weekends I'll be taking it anywhere btw 9am and 12:30pm. There was only one day where I forgot to take a pill completely an had to take two pills in one day. (This was about a week or so before I had sex.) An there there was one time where I almost forgot an took it almost an 9:00pm. Did I possibly make my risk of getting pregnant higher? Also like I have said before I have yet to have my period but a few days before a took my first white pill. I started getting little sharp pains in my very lower sides (like cramping) and my stomach the past few days my belly has been hard an I haven't been eating that much, and I am hungry some days an then others I don't wanna eat at all. Is it possible I am pregnant if so what should I do? Also I know it is possible that I might not get a period every month on the pill but how can I tell the difference? Please I am very worried an need some sort answer.