I have been taking hydrocodone for about 3 years for back pain, Prescribed by doctors at first and then getting them from friends who take them. I am currently taking 3 -4/10-325;s a day. I want off so badly, I literally live thinking where I will get enough pills. Today I worked out a taper plan based on a plan that a doctor gave me a year or so ago. I didnt have many withdrawl symptons but just wasnt ready to give them up. I go to see family dr tomorrow and cant confide to him what is going on. I also suffer from depression/ anxiety and insomnia. He prescribes ambien for insomnia and cymbalta and zanex for anxiety. Is there anything else that might be helpful that I could speak to him about. If I tell him I am taking again he will go to my family and I will losse everything so that is not an answer. I am just terrrified of the withdrawl. Anyone that could help me with any advice wwould be like a life raft in the storm. Thank you,.