I had unprotected sex for the first time with my boyfriend of 9 months. He told me he has never had any STDs before so I didn't worry about it. Afterwards we went camping and weren't able to shower for 3 days, I was in the lake a lot and we even had sex without being showered. Everything was fine until the day we went home, my vagina started to feel itchy and I told him I must have gotten a mosquito bite down there or something, but then we tried having sex and it really hurt. I examined down there and saw I had two red sores, kinda like blisters on each side of the opening of my vagina. And I had a few zit looking sores that were stinging all around my vagina. I'm really scared that he gave me herpes, because I know there is no cure for that. I'm very worried, and I also have a milky white sometimes yellowish discharge coming from my vagina. I'm very scared and worried, I bought ministate to see if it may be a yeast infection, I've used it one night abs will continue the treatment, the pain does seem slightly better today but the blisters are still all there along with the discharge please help!