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I have a terrible time falling asleep and staying asleep. What can I take to sleep well?

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lady2882 28 Mar 2013

What medications have you tried and how well did they work?
How long have you been suffering from insomnia?
Have you discussed your insomnia with your doctor?
More history of the problem is needed to give an answer that would help.

ang1049 28 Mar 2013

I agree with the other member.You really need more info. for us to give you some advise.I want to help,but I would hate to give a suggestion that would interfere with a medication you might already be taking.Are you on any medications at this time?How long have you had sleep problems?Has their been any diagnosis?Are you suffering from any other medical issues that could be related to the insomnia?Post more detailed info.,so we can maybe give you some help.Best wishes!

smileyhappy 29 Mar 2013

Hi Browneyes,

Are you able to take Melatonin? It's natural but you should still ask pharmacist if you can take it if you are on any meds. It might be just what you need to get your sleep clock back to normal. Also keep your room really dark and cover clock radios light etc... Go to bed and get up at the same time every day and see if that helps you.

Take care,

Delila 30 Mar 2013

Hi, i agree with smileyhappy, i would also recommend trying Melatonin. I have always suffered from insomnia. At the moment i am sleeping better due to taking a combination of medications for my mental health illness', but before i was on these, i used Melatonin. As suggested check with your doctor or pharmacist before you take anything new. And make sure you sleep in a totally dark room as smileyhappy says. Wear a sleep mask if possible. Don't drink caffeine after midday. Be aware that most carbonated drink contain caffeine, not just coke. Also, only use your bed for sleeping, don't work, or watch TV in bed. free discount card

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