I just had my remaining 6 teeth pulled four days ago, and bone grafts done, then had them stitched up. These were front teeth and one side molar. I had my uppers done 5 years ago at a wonderful one day clinic in south Carolina, this time I just had my local dentist do it. I had been wearing a lower bridge for many years so figured the only pain I would have would be where the teeth that were pulled and stitched would be. I was so wrong. That area isn't near as bad as the sides of the dentures, more toward the back, inside side was made too long, and was digging into the soft tissue surrounding your tongue, or where it connects. I did as the dentist said, kept them in for two solid days without removing until some of the swelling went down. Two days ago, I went in and told the dentist he had to do something to trim them down as I had a mouth full of sores, the getting them in and out was so painful I would stand at the sink tears streaming down my face for a half an hour just getting them in or out. He trimmed them, saw where the sore spots were and instructed me to take them out at night, soaking them, and do several warm salt water rinses. The only way I can get them back in is to spend an hour after awakening with ice packs on my mouth to reduce any swelling after sleep, dip the dentures in hot water, do a hot salt water rinse then gently insert them trying to not hit any sore spots. I can chew a bit, like the curds in cottage cheese, or the tapioca pudding but not anything else as it is still so very painful, again not in the front, but pressure on the molars makes them dip and hit the sore spots, and I nearly go thru the roof. I am on amoxil, and Norco for pain,1-2 every 6 hours, which is a problem because I've been on Norco for chronic back and shoulder arthritis for several years, so have built up a tolerance to it, and am allergic to any NSAIDS. The only way to make it thru the days is to take my anti anxiety pills in between the Norco to sleep. A relative told me to ask the dentist to give me Percocet instead of the Norco as it's stronger, but have never been on anything but Norco for pain. How long will it take for the sore spots to heal if I keep adding to them by wearing the dentures all day? Everyone was correct, bottoms are truly much harder pain wise than uppers were. I so want to just keep them out until all the sore spots heal, but am afraid that if I do that, the dentures won't fit at all if the swelling stays. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.