I have been having terrible constipation lately, to the point where when I go to the bathroom even just to pee, the sitting position gives me very sharp rectal spasms. This has never happened to me before so I'm kind of concerned. I am on a daily regimen of Resotran 2mg (prucalopride) for constipation, the last couple of days I've been taking Lax-A-Day (propylene glycol powder mixed with water), as well as Senokot with stool softener. Yesterday I had a difficult bowel movement with hard bits of stool (sorry to be so graphic - just trying to give a clear picture of my symptoms), but I still feel like there's a lot in there, and I'm still having the spasms occasionally. I don't know what else to try.if anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it. This seems to be happening to me a lot lately and I'm really at a loss as to what else to do. Thanks so much.