I was taken phendimetrazine 35 mg for about 4 months and lost 23 lbs.Then my body got adjusted to it and it stopped working for me.My doctor switched me to phentermine 37.5 mg about a month ago. First few days it helped to decrease my appetite. After that I still had the appetite, had no energy and felt tired by 5 pm. So it pretty much didn't work for me. Also i have experienced headaches. .I stopped taking it couple days ago. I just moved to another state, so didn't find my new primary care doctor yet. One of my friends recommended Tanuate 75 mg to me, that helped her to lose weight.She gave me a few pills to start before i get a prescription. I was wondering if it is safe to start on Tanuate if I had stopped taking Phentermine just 3 days ago? Is there a time gap between switching to Tanuate?
Thank you.