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Is anybody using TENS for foot pain management?

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LaurieShay 22 Apr 2012

I have used a TENS unit for foot pain. Depending on the source of the pain, it can help. I now have a neurostimulator implant which is kinda like an internal TENS unit. It blocks the pain message to my brain through electrical stimulation of the nerve running to my foot.

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rustypete 23 Apr 2012

thanks LaurieShay, I have been using a TENS for several months and it has been working quite well, but in the last few weeks, I don't seem to be getting results as good as before. May I ask why you went for the implant?

LaurieShay 23 Apr 2012

I went for the implant so I didn't have to mess with the external wires and such. The implant is completely internal. Only required two small incisions. One along my lower spine for the leads to be inserted and one above my hip for the stimulator to be inserted. Relatively painless procedure and short term recovery.

NewYorkGuy44 22 Apr 2012

Hey I have severe spinal injuries, and pain meds and physical therapy , along with Epidoral injections in the back just don't cut it. I have a Tens unit, and use it when ever i need it, It isn't as effective as it once was, So My Pain MNGMT DR wants be to either try to put a Spinal cord Stimulator inside me, or a Morphine Pump. I have just found out in the last few Months that since 2003 I have had a Bone Stimulator implanted in me and I was shocked. Doctor say's it isn't hurting me, BUT IT DAMN SURE AIN'T HELPING. And My Dr keeps telling me it's either a Spinal Cord Stimulator, or a Morphine Pump, and I don't want either. My Father had a Spinal Cord Stimulator, and he would get a buzz when the phone would ring ( NO BS ) But thy had a recall and took it out of him. I don't know if a Nuerotherapy stimulator is similar to Spinal Cord Stimulator, but I am Curious to know where did they put it, and Does it work.

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Inactive 23 Apr 2012

New Yourk guy, look up Ms fino. she just had this done & it was totally misery for her. Had two long cuts to the bone down each side of her back & a 5 inch cut aross the bottom. She is not happy at all. Friend her & ask her about hers. she will gladly tell you lall she knoes about it... Mary(her name is Ellen)

rustypete 23 Apr 2012

Hi NewYorkGuy, I've noticed that my TENS doesn't give me the same pain-free period as it did at first, mebbe the body gets used to it.

I wonder if the surgeon had the right patient on his table when you got the bone implant? LOL

Inactive 23 Apr 2012

Not for foot pain, I haven't but for sciatica, & I don't like the feeling at all, but it does help some people a lot... Mary

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rustypete 23 Apr 2012

Thanks Mary, I had sciatica for years, I used to work over a table cutting glass for 16 hours a day and the pain down my right thigh got unbearable, but over the last few years it went away. Or mebbe the foot pain I've got now makes me forget about it!

My TENS doesn't seem to work as well as it used to, and it seems that it might be the normal thing to expect.

Inactive 24 Apr 2012

Maybe it the placement of where you are putting the pads? My leg pain used to drive me nuts, & I put two pads on the right side of my spine, & two on my calf where the pain is the worst. It worked for a bit, but then the stinging of the tens unit seemed to irritate it more. I know of others who have had great luck with theirs tho'. Check with your doctor or whomever prescribed it to make sure you are placing the pads correctly. Maybe the medical supply place you get the pads at would know the best... Mary

hillrunner 16 Aug 2016

I started using a combination TENS and EMS machine for my feet about a year and a half ago. I had stopped running because of the incredible pain I had each morning when I got out of bed. I was even meeting with a surgeon to discuss an operation. After many years of running my feet finally stopped recovering and finally got to the point where I had to stop.
The machine I use is called an Advanced Foot Energizer and is designed to stimulate the whole bottom of the foot. You can even feel it up your legs. I found that by using it about twice an evening began making my feet feel better. After a few months there was a noticeable change, and now I am able to trail run in the mountains again.
When I run I use the machine in the evening to help my recovery, and have a much better morning following. I either use one or two EMS sessions or use a TENS session followed by and EMS session. free discount card

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