I'm 60 years old, and have been very active all of my life. My upper arm muscles we're both hurting, range of motion very limited, also my forearm muscles are now aching, throbbing, burning, sharp pains. I've never been weak in my entire life but this is awful. I went to me my doctor... confirmed I have bilateral rotator cuff tendinopathy. (Basically I've worn myself out). Two cortizone shots, one in each shoulder... oh the relief for 13 days!!! I've been taking advil, and now the tendons in my hips to my thighs down to my knees are hurting. My question is does anyone else have this, and could someone please just tell me if I will eventually freeze, not be able to walk... Just trying to turn over in bed is, once again painful as my arms can't even push my body. Please, I hope someone it there to understand me. I am not a sickley person... Thank you and Blessings, mary jo