I typically have 3 day cycles with one heavier day and that really drains my energy...
I began taking oral tri cyclen lo, this is my first cycle with it, I haven't reached the inactive pills yet but I've had a period that hasn't stopped and I'm going on the tenth day now.
I understand break through bleeding is expected however this is much more than spotting and I'm feeling extremely drained, I'm having difficulty staying awake at work and school, even while cooking dinner.
I have tried drinking a lot more water, eating a lot of high iron containing foods and I do take a multivitamin every day. (I started the diet change 5 days ago).
I'm wondering if this is a concerning a side effect? And if I make an appointment to see my doctor will it be a waste of time or can they stop the bleeding??
There is very little discomfort accompanied with it, and no clots so I don't think I'm hemorrhaging although I have had numbness in my arms and legs.
I have also had blurred vision and headaches when I stand up, my typical blood pressure is 90/55 so the blurred vision and head aches are usually caused by that.