I was recently diagnosed with Cardio Myopthy and the dr. order a sleep study. Dx was severe sleep apnea (stopped breathing 34 times an hour). I have severe claustrophobia, can not wear the nasal max or pillows because also was recently dx with allergies so my nasal passages are always plugged. Trying to put the CPAP full nose and mouth mask, gives me major anxiety, I can't even use the straps, I have tried several times in the bedroom and in the LIving Room, but I hate the thing on my face, I feel like I can't breath. So I asked the sleep dr for Xanax and he said it would be better to use Temazepam instead as it is longer lasting than Xanax, I hate drugs and I do not want a sleeping pill. I have no porblem sleeping and most nights I stay asleep until 5:00 a.m when I get up for work , unless I hear my husband get up at 3:00 for work, but usually I go back to sleep, used to his schedule. Temazepam seems to have similar side affects to Ambien which I have been told can be nasty and both are habit forming.