Hi, my mom has very high BP which always fluctuates between 180/110-140/95. She has been on repace 25 and other ayurvedic medicines. However, since her situation did not improve doctor gave her atenolol 2.5 and amlodipine 25 tabs today but still her BP was high. I asked him if he could increase the dose but he refused saying increasing the dose of the medicines so abruptly might harm her. Her BP was very high through out the day so I took her to another physician/cardiologist who replaced all of her medicines( repace 25 and atenolol&amlodipine) tabs and prescribed her Telmisartan80. She immediately had that and after 3 hours her BP went down significantly to 130/95. I am relieved to a certain extent but worried as well. Isn't 80 mg a lot to start with or is it fine for the BP reading she has? Is it safe? I don't know what to do, one doc does not permit to start with such a dose and other one gave that and luckily it worked too. I am relieved at the moment but I am worried about using it for a long time. Doctor has also told to stop other medications. I am very worried about stopping the meds(repace and amlodipine&atenolol) so abruptly. What should I do? Please help me!!