... day without any fears & pain,I have been off & on pain meds since 1986,before i ever was taking this drug i would always avoid friends & family,but when i take them i seem to come out of my shell,I don't abuse the drug at all,could my body be missing a chemical in the oxytocin family? This has puzzled many Dr.'s that i have seen and they will only prescribe for about 2 years then push on to another Dr. for fear of the DEA coming down on them.Any help here please... Mike... I have also had 3 operations on my back on the L5-S1 Vertabre... also the Dr.'s would do Chem19 on my blood and everything came back normal another thing the Dr.'s couldn't figuare out. 1 Dr. told me it's like i could oxycodone for the rest of my life and be fine and not have a problem with,compared to someone who takes asprin everyday and still has a heart attack or get's cancer,