I have been re-diagnosed with Manic, Bi-Polar disorder, and all medications have been changed, I have been on Tegretol since 5/13/2011 and so far am happy with the medication, ... What are the opinions of the overall effect and use of Tegretol as a mood stabilizer and side effects? The only bothersome side effect that I seem to have with this medication, as well as with maybe the compazine, is that the itching is out of control, and I feel like I have bugs crawling on me. I have been prescribed Hydroxyzine for contact dermatitis and to help with the itching... will this side effect go away or is this long term? Spent one week in the hospital due to falling off the wagon and had a really bad outcome with the medication klonopin. Am feeling a little better now and hopefully will not have to change my medications again in the future.