Same condition now. Nothing left of one tooth,the other seems swollen from that one.? Post were put in during previous root canals and I suppose by me continueD using the teeth to chew possibly over years not only caused them breaking but may have pushed the gold post further up in my upper gum. I can feel a soreness up inside my roof of mouth now. If I cd see the post at the tooth wd it be safe to pull it out? My jaw is swelling and the bone has a bump painful growing inside in the 2nd tooth broke that is half left approximately. Air hits the tooth feels like being stabbed with a pen... It's middle of night I have no dentist to call but I take pain medicine for something different. Oxycodone 30mg one 4 times a day,also aspirin and one klonopin 1mg 3 times a day but if it helps my mouth pain I can't tell it. I have keflex 500 MG pills and was wondering if they would help to take until I can find a dentist that wd see me. I also have 5 Stent n my heart that upon last check up in Sept 2015 were fine. But cardiovascular Dr found one artery on one side of my neck had a 7 percent block. Dentist don't want my ins. In this area making it almost impossible to find one to take me. I can't take cipro but never had problems wt keflex. Any suggestions wd be greatly welcomed. Thank u.