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Im a teen and I think I have insomnia I cant get to sleep what do I do?

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coloresue 1 Jun 2015

Are you worried about something? What time did you last get up? Are all the events of yesterday swimming around in your head? My suggestion is to do something like reading that usually puts you to sleep. You can also do relaxation meditation. You lay in bed, and, starting with your head, take each body part and say three times slowly "I relax my head, I relax my head... " Think about letting all the tension go in your head as you slowly say the words. Often you will be asleep before you get to your feet. Some people have said drinking some milk will help, but I've never found that to work.

Chelsea pugh 1 Jun 2015

Thanks you for the other tips and ive tried the milk thing and the hot drink before bed and sleeping tablets nothing seems to help... i will try the meditation
It just gets so hard to handle as it gives me headaches and yh i have been under a lot of stress lately maybe thats why

coloresue 1 Jun 2015

Stress will do it! Exercise or high activity will help you reduce your stress. You can sleep better if you burn off some energy an hour or 2 before you go to bed. You need some time to slow your metabolism down after exercise. Some people go someplace where they can't be heard, like a car, and scream! It lets off steam. Do you have anyone to talk to about what stresses you? Venting to a good listener can help, also. The herb valerian relaxes some people but I recommend you talk about this with an adult who knows you... a parent would be best. I hope you get to sleep!

kaismama 1 Jun 2015

Try to go to bed at the same time each night. Have your room absolutely dark, and cool enough to be comfortable. Use some white noise, like rain or waves. Have you tried melatonin? No computer or tv for 2 hrs before sleep. The light can actually stop your melatonin production so you can't sleep. free discount card

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