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If a teen took 7 sleep aid pm pills what could happen 100 milligrams?

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Inactive 14 Aug 2012

Hello Laurawengler. I don't know the brand. Call poison control. Be well, pledge

Delila 14 Aug 2012

I agree with Pledge. Or call or visit your local ER or doctors surgery asap. There is potential for hallucinations, loss of consciousness, tremors, and in severe cases seizures. This type of overdose can be very serious.

endlessPred 14 Aug 2012

Sounds like a cry for help. Suicide attempt should be looked into. Bullying and depression are two main things to find out. Treat this very seriously.

Hope the teen got immediate help with physician. Am also concerned why you are asking about another high dose? What is actually happening here?

HeadStarter 14 Aug 2012

If ANYBODY took that much, I would be calling 911 and getting help for that person! I don't care what the med is... You can overdose on lots of o-t-c meds, even aspirin or tylenol... Better to be safe than sorry...

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