... and deep stomach pains. Doctor said to stop then restart in two days. I was still sick although fever had passed so I did not restart but now we are trying a slow taper to see if I could tolerate the Tecfidera better if I started it more slowly. I had one 120mg capsule and in 3 hours had a burning rash on my arms and legs. It cleared in a few hours so I took the next 120mg last night and the stomach cramps kept me up much of the night. I did not take the morning dose since my stomach cramps are still very uncomfortable and I started a fever again. I am writing to get a better feel for how long and how severe the side effects would be expected to last. I can't keep taking it if I will feel like this with no relief. I am shocked that I had strong side effects on day one this time around and had nothing until day 12 the first time. Could this be an allergic response? Does anyone have input on what to expect from the side effects? General term of flushing doesn't exactly match the rash I had. Don't know if that's a form it sometimes takes. The stomach cramps are strong and the nausea makes getting through the day difficult and does not clear before the next dose. Is this to be expected? My doctor said that he has never had a patient have any side effects on Tecfidera. Input? Thank you