My daughter has struggled with depression and eating disorders since thirteen, now twenty-seven. She excels in college, four classes away from her biology/chemistry degree, headed to medical school next year with a high gpa, her dream us to be an ER doc. Her Psyc put her on Latuda and before being on the drug only three weeks the symptoms of TD hit. Right now she can’t even sleep, the continual facial distortions, scratching, grunting, difficult breathing, lack of concentration, arms jerking, constant leg movement when at rest.. last night I was up with her until 4:00 am .. she can’t drive, she’s missing classes.. I’m so afraid her life is over not to mention her goal of emergency medicine, she’s worked so hard. She’s been off the drug for two weeks and she just continues to get worse every day. What can I do for her?
Her Psyc wants to put her on Rexulti now, but how do we lessen these symptoms and get her some rest? She’s exhausted from the constant movement.