Over the years I've sustained numerous concussions, probably 10-15 is what I think. Last year I got one and lost all vision for a bit, I tried to tough it out and the next day I got another one and lost all pereferal visions for minutes before it gradually came back (during football). I was diagnosed with a concussion and had to go through protocol before I was able to practice again. Immediately as I was cleared the same thing happened , and then again the next day to where I don't really recall much of what happened but I didn't get knocked unconscious.

Since I have had a headache a majority of every single day along with terrible migraines that come and go, my sleep has been disturbed( waking up while asleep and difficulty falling asleep), I'm lightheaded sometimes, every time I work out my head aches get more severe , I can't remember things as well and I just don't feel as sharp as I was.

I was put on lots of different medicines mostly for depression, the drs for whom I played for said that it seems like I'm depressed . I was on 200mg of zoloft , 200 mg of amitriptyline, and 50 mg of tramadol (1-4 times a day of tramadol). I was wandering if these dosages seem a little much ? A Dr I saw told me I was way to over medicated and that it wasn't safe, does this sound right ? I was taking these all at the same time.

Also why would they say this is depression ?