help I got td I took zoloft for 13 years off and on with no problems. Went off... the Zoloft for a year and did great. Hardly no side effects and no panic attacks. I never even twiched on it!! Then my horrible panic attacks came back. I have to go on some type of medicines but can’t take Benzos. I tried Zoloft and again and I got TD of the mouth, eyes , hands and feet. I have been off of Zoloft for three months and it’s still there (I only took 12.5 mg of zoloft for more then a week and it happend). Now I just don’t know what to do. I have to take something yet I am pretty sure it will make the TD worse and then I wont want to leave my house and be just as depressed as I am now. So I am wondering how you are coping with TD and if it finally got better even though your still on your medication that might have caused it. Where their any other medication that helped with facial TD? Did you ever take the same medicantion that cuased it again and it went away? Does it ever go away? Have you tried Botox or Zofran? thank you