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Tardive Dyskinesia - Why is no one posting on here ???

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Inactive 16 Nov 2012

Hello PRM1954. If you mean the topic, you can ask a question. If you mean the group, its likely that the members are not as active as in some other groups. Regards pledge

Images*11 16 Nov 2012

Good Morning PRM1954,
How are you doing, are you O.K.? We are all here for you if you need us.
Unlike some of the other groups that have hundreds, even thousands of members, we only have 32.
Since this group came about because most of us have a disorder that required the use of drugs that caused our TD, you might find more ongoing daily conversation in one of those groups.
For me, my TD and Dystonia can sometimes make typing difficult. But not so difficult that I cant try to help a fellow member if needed...
Sincerely, Images
PS. Good Morning to you too Pledge.

PRM1954 17 Nov 2012

I was kind of hoping there would be more chat, as I am disabled by this and spend a lot of time online, i also have trouble typing, I am starting to type words that I did not intend to use, is that weird or what ?? As far as how i am doing, I will be going in for blood test to see if i have TD or Huntington or Wilson disease , it is strange to say, I would rather it be TD. The others are worse i was told. My Doctor feels it is TD but wants to be safe than sorry. Thank you for responding, talk to you soon.

Delila 17 Nov 2012

Hi fellow member! As already said, if you want to ask something in particular you can ask a question, and then we can reply/help you. Is there something you want to discus at the moment? I guess if no-one else has posted for a while, all is well in TD land? : )

Images*11 17 Nov 2012

Good Morning Again PRM
I'm sorry to hear that you are also having difficulty typing. As far as using words that you don't mean, it's weird... but me too. I have been looking at getting 'Dragon' so I can just speak instead of type. Of course that does nothing for using the "wrong words" but much easier on the hands.
I'm not familiar with Huntingtons? Have they mentioned Parkensins? I was tested for that a year ago due to the word swapping, it was a Negative. My understanding is that there is a specific type of Demensia that is a symptom of Parkensins. For all I, and probably they, know mild Demensia is part of TD too.
Truthfully, after reading a book titled "Toxic Psychiatry", I have started to believe that they know very little, if anything, about the effects of these drugs on the brain or TD long term. I say it's a "Crapshoot".

endlessPred 19 Nov 2012

Hi PRM. I have been dealing with typing and side effects from one of the meds I take which causes a tremor. I have learned there are things you can do. For example, I now have an iPad which I use two fingers to type with. Keeping my fingers coordinated simply doesn't work now.. This does.

I would also suggest you try one of the voice command programs, if your voice is good, to speak the info. free discount card

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