I have been taking one 10-325 Vicodin every four hours for three weeks due to spine surgery and shingles on top of that. Today I lowered it to one 7.5-325 every four hours. I plan on doing that for a week then going down to one 5-325 every four hours. I'm just not sure where to go from there. I know I'm withdrawing because I feel nauseous often. I'm very aware that most ppl on this site have it so much harder than me but I still need advice. I've always been very susceptible to narcotics and have to go through withdrawals every time they are prescribed but I've never had to take more than one Vicodin (a day) before. I know there are things at the drug store to help me but "what". I do have a hot tub for RLS and Benedryl actually GIVES me RLS so Tylenol PM and the like are out. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.