I have been taking .25 mg of resperidone for 6 years I have bipolar ll. it took me years to find the right set of medications to stay mentally stable from extreme highs to serious lows. Tonight I have to taper down by half .125mg till I'm off the med completely. The dr. Took me off it becouse he thinks that a) as my brain matured I don't need it any more b) it may be causing me my nightmares and night terrors. I just need some support or info from any one who's been there. I'm scared because I really don't want to have a mood swing. Before my medication I would have serious ones where I hurt my self physically ,say things I don't mean, and hate my life. To put it short I'm scared I'll go psychotic. I know .25mg doesn't sound like much but I'm a small person and take other medications that make resperidone act stronger.ill post through my experiance. Thanks all <3