HI, I need some help! I was on Effexor 75mg for about 6 months. This medication has done nothing to help with anxiety/depression so I talked to my doc about weaning off. She said I had to take Pristiq to wean off. I took 50mg of Pristiq for 3 weeks, then 1/2 tab-25mg for 9 days. I am currently on my 4th day of 1/4 tablet. Throughout this WHOLE time I have felt terrible. Dizziness, upset stomach, exhausted, muscle aches,chills, anxiety and irritability seem to be worse. I'm a college student and can barely get through the day. I am also on Adderall, which is the only reason I can even keep my eyes open. Also on Deplin for folic acid deficiency (MTHFR gene) and vitamin D. My doc said it was fine to decrease the dose every 4-5 days. I feel terrible. Any suggestions PLEASE? Should I cut into 1/8 tab in a few days or just stop? I am SO MAD I was never told this drug would not make me feel this bad, or that tapering off of it would be pure hell.