I had an OTC addiction to (Codeine Phosphate) for around 2 years. 6 months ago I started taking daily doses of Methadone kicking off @ 20ml and worked my way up to my current 60ml in 2.5 ml increments with the open option to go up to 80 but have managed to stay @ 60ml. I have made a conscious decision to begin tapering off after recently beginning some self discipline exercises. I could go into so much more detail but I'm not looking for sympathy only advice. This question is aimed toward anyone who has successfully quit Methadone period and has no current addictions. If there is such an individual out there I would like to bounce some strategies around before I commit to the process if I can. I successfully kicked a 4 year Amphetamine injecting spree topped with hard liquor binging a long time ago but the circumstances were radically different, almost losing my life. Opiates have proven to be far more insidious. I want to be clean, I want out - I am ready for the pain I just want to be careful. Please share your wisdom.