Hi,thanks to Patti for your quick response and advice.I understand that in an ideal situation that tapering off would be more manageable and less painful for me.The only subs I have in the house now are 13 tablets of 0.4mg.In a dilemna,most of me says to crack on as I am.Took my last 4mg on Monday morning,now 54 hours ago.I know that I havent started to fully rattle yet.Been up all night trawling the web for any help.In the grand scheme of things I am not too bad,lack of sleep is probably the worst thing.My mrs has gone out to the healthfood shop to stock up on taurine,l-phenylalanine etc.I am drinking loads of green tea and trying to focus ahead.I know that the real fight will start tomorrow and mentally I am bring it on.Am I just being a brave fool?Can I use the subs in the house to make it easier?Going back to the treatment centre and chemist are not options anymore.Anybody in the know,please advise,much appreciated.