Hi all! I'm new, but have been reading and learning from this site for awhile now. I finally decided to join.

My story to sum it up, I have taken subutex for around 8 months now. At my highest I took 2 mg in morning, and 2 mg at night. Sometimes skipping the night dose. I am now down to around 1/1.5 mg in the morning, and nothing at night and seem just fine. In the past I went off suboxone cold turkey from a small dose like this (but for less months) and it was hardly painful at all. However I recently tried going cold turkey from 2mg subutex and it was not so fun.

First off what is a good taper schedule? Second will jumping off after tapering slowly be as bad as jumping off at two mg's? I have a physical job which is great cause it keeps me active which im sure is great for me while a wean down. I forgot to mention I was forced into suboxone withdrawl last june, it lasted 5 days while camping but was tolerable. By day 6 i was stupid and started taking them again even though I seemed to be only having mental withdrawls. This last time around I felt that my wd's off of 2 mg's was mostly in my head because I was able to calm myself down. Anyways, any suggestions would be very helpful, and I am willing to help anyone else out there with other questions! Thank you!