I need specific advice and details from somebody who has succesfully tapered off of suboxone. Robert325, i see you havent posted in a while and I would really like to talk to you one on one and more in depth to make sure I do everything right. Im trying to do this exact because I am just beginning my dosage and want to make sure I do everything perfectly so it is the easiest possible to take care of. I have been taking painkillers(hydrocodone,oxycodone and oxycontin) for the past 6 months and build up a pretty high tolerance very quickly up to about 150-200 mgs up until a couple days ago when i tried stopping. I tried to taper and quit cold turkey recently and just could not do it because the withdrawals are horrible and Im a full time student in Law school and need all the energy possible to complete my day. A couple friends of mine have been heavy opiate users in the past and have been on suboxone for yrs now and thats not the route I want. So I got one of my good friends to give me about 20-30 subs for this process. As stated earlier by you guys, they too say their doctors write them script after script and they say the docs give them so many they have hundreds left over and to spare. So here goes my story, 3 days ago was my last dose of oxys, i waited aprox 20 hrs after my last dose until I took my first sub. Let me say i was feeling horrible and hate that feeling. I can usually take everything else other than the restless leg syndrome and the hot to cold flashes are the worst. When i took the sub I took 4mg and was releived instantly. An hr later I took another 4mgs just to be on the safe side bcuz i didnt want to go thru that feeling of w/d's again.(my first dose of sub was at 10pm and 2nd dose at 11pm). The next morning I took 2mg's around 3pm and another 2 mg's around 1am bcuz i started feeling restless and needed sleep. Today I waited until 2pm before I took 2mg of sub and it is currently 12am and still feel fine. I am about to go to sleep and hopefully the 2 mgs i took earlier lasts me all day. When i wake up I was going to take another 2mg around 2pm again bcuz thats sounds how you guys said to do it. Now after tomorrows 2mg dose, do i cut it down 25% the next time i take it and leave it at 1.5mg for four days and keep dropping it at 25% every four days if i experience no wd's? I just want to make sure Im doing it properly. Please write back anyone with experience who has successfully tapered off. Robert I hope you see this. Thanks all for the help and support and wish me luck!!!