... I have been addicted to percocet for 3 years, taking 120 mg in the morning, just once a day.

About 2 months ago, I started taking oxycontin, 80mg, once a day.

Now I am taking oxycontin, 240 mg, 3 times per day. (taking 3 80mg tablets at a time, 3 times per day).

If I don't take it every 8 hours, I get terrible shakes.

Is it possible to ween myself off of this?

Should I see a doctor and get on the syboxin (Sorry, I think I spelled it wrong). Should I see a doc and get on that, or is it possible that I ween myself off of the oxycontin?

Also, what happens if I stop alltogether? I know it will be hard w/ the shakes, but can I hurt myself if I just go cold turkey and stop? I wouldnt mind trying it this way, as long as it isn't going to hurt me. Can someone explain to me the thing about 'Immodium' and how if I go 'cold turkey', I can take immodium and it will help?

Please let me know the answers to all above questions. Can I just try, say one 80mg pill per day, and do that for a week, then switch to 1/2 of a 80mg pill, etc etc?

Or should I see a doc and get on the syboxin?

I am praying every day that I can get off of this. I need help bad. Please give me any help that you can. I am praying to GOD that I can get off of this fast.

Thank you!