i have been on them for over a year. i have grown a tolerence to them and they do not work well anymore. i blame it on my pcp. when he 1st started my pain management, he gave me 120 lorcet 10/650s a month. i think he should have started me off on a lower dose. that way my tolerence would not be so high right now. now, if i want to get on some meds that work, i'll have to talk to my PM doctor. he wont understand. as many of you know, someone stole my pain meds this past month. i was in soooo much pain that i turned to my cousin who is on percocet 10s. she gave me one a couple of years ago, and it made me sooooo sick. i threw up soooo much that night. she gave me a few recently and they worked at first (without making me sick). now its only been a couple of weeks and it seems they are losing their effectiveness too. my body gets use to stuff REALLY unusually fast. now i can take a lorcet 10 and it has the effectiveness of a tylenol. it just doesnt work. i want my tolerence to go back down so my lorcets will work again. i want to taper off altogether, but how does one do that when they are still in chronic pain. im not abusing them. i only take them when im in pain. i try to wait until it is unbearable before i take a pill. and it still barely takes the edge off. nobody ever gave me any options and i feel like i was cheated. at the time, i was just happy to have some relief. but looking back... i wish it were handled differently. im really not sure what to do so my lorcets will work again. what makes it worse, is my PM dr took me down to 60 7.5mgs a month (of the lorcets) they DO NOT WORK AT ALL. i want options. im tired of swallowing pills. im tired of the strain its putting on my family. idk what to do about my pain. i dont handle pain well at all. i really dont know what im asking. i guess the main thing is, how do i get my lorcets to keep working for me? or is there no turning back? should i go without them for a few days and then try to start all over again. i dont feel like im addicted, but i do know im dependent. the meds are a must for me to get out of bed in the morning. but instead of taking one in the morning like i use too, it takes one and a half. should i start cutting back by half of one a day? can they be broken and still be effective? im sorry for writing a book! i go back to my PM dr on the 8th. should i ask him for an alternative treatment. im not sure he'll go for it. its hard enough getting 60 pills from him a month. the first visit to him, he dropped me from 120 pills a month to 30 a month. i talked him up to 40, then 60, but thats when he dropped the mgs. he said he dont think i need 40mgs of hydrocodone a day. i know this is mainly because im 25yrs old. he thinks im too young to be on narcotics i guess. but i dont think they should put an age on pain. people hurt at many different ages. i am really interested in hearing your answers. i would greatly appreciate any responses. xoxo melissa