I am taking a lot of medications and am currently being weaned off as many as possible in order for some immunology testing. My neurologist feels that a lot of the medications I take are basically "band aids" treating symptoms but not actually treating the underlying causes... as most medications do and are prescribed when there isn't an absolute solution. My neurologist was fortunately able to rule out MS, but wants to do quite a bit more testing as I have many symptoms that appear to possibly be autoimmune related. In order for some of this testing he would like me off a lot of the medications I am taking that he believes could interfere with the results (or are masking what is really going on) So... my question is regarding Metformin. I take it for PCOS. My prescribing doctor (gynecologist) doesn't insist that I take it, but prescribed it as a precautionary measure for pre-diabetes. I only take 500 mg once a day. I havent discussed the neurologist's plans with my gynecologist yet, but was wondering if anyone knew if I should taper off of it, like take half for a week or something, or if I can just stop taking it... since its not dire that I take it at the point anyway. I know 500 mg isn't a lot, and 250 mg probably isn't ever even prescribed, but should I take 250 for a while so my body adjusts to not taking it, or can I just stop taking it... as I said, because I dont actually have bad blood sugar levels without it... Any thoughts would be appreciated... thank you.