I have been on Effexor for a little over a year. It was a wonderful anti-depressant - definitely made me feel better. However, there were things I didn't like about it - like my complete LACK of sexual desire. But anyway, I started losing my hair and, after some research, apparently alopecia is an uncommon side effect. So the plan for weaning me off has been 2 weeks at each dose. Two weeks ago, I went down from 225 to 150. I was okay the first week, actually. Then little by little I just started going into rages and crying over the most ridiculous things. I am so all over the place. Flu-like symptoms, body aches, don't feel like doing anything. So now I have two weeks at 75 and then what? Can someone please give me some pointers on staying out of jail when I want to ram my car into crazy drivers on the road.