I was prescribed Clonazepam for Restless Legs Syndrome a year ago and it was obviously doing no good. On the consultant’s instructions I started tapering down from 1.5mg daily about 2 weeks ago. I am cutting a 0.5mg tablet in half so have reduced by 0.25 mg to 1.25mg.
The results are worse than I bargained for. The main symptoms are increased fatigue, exacerbated in no small degree by insomnia in the form of early morning waking, often around 5.30 am; low motivation, decreased appetite, and palpitations. I have also been experiencing days, on and off, where I feel really cold and shivery. I am not sure whether this is down to

My pharmacist told me that I should expect the symptoms to last about a week and then taper another 0.25 mg. I cannot imagine how I am going to face that again but right now my concern is the present.
Is it normal to still feel so lousy two weeks after a 0.25mg taper? If anything I am feeling worse this week than I did last. I can barely function in any arean of life, I am struggling badly to do my work and shying away from social contact and startignf to lose touch with people.