Just had an emergency phych appointment (yes and its Sunday). First consultation. Went through all my history from 0 to today, which I absolutely hate doing. She reckons that my anxiety levels are so high that they are making me depressed. Don't really understand this but whatever... My OCD needs to be treated (hmmm that is a really scary thought for me) via medication and therapy. She suggested fluorextine (sp?) /Prozac) and Effexor and some others I did not recognise. I have to have another appointment to get a medical diagnosis of the exact disorder/s I may have. She asked me to stop taking 60mg Celexa (not happy that I had been prescribed such a high dosage when the 40mg is maximum and secondly they clearly were not working). I had already started to go back to 40mg a few days ago. She told me that the fluorextine will cause high anxiety levels in the first two weeks. Any feedback on these meds much appreciated.