My situation -

I was put on prednisone to try and raise my platelets to be able to have an epidural

Started -
15 to 23 October 2015 - 9 days - 30mg

Then went into labour and had 2 days without taking any (bit preoccupied) ended up with an emergency cesarean and a major hemorrhage

Although the prednisone hadn't affected my platelet count at all, the hospital put me on -

26 to 29 October - 4 days - 90mg

Then when allowed home they knocked it down to -
30 October to 1 November - 60mg - 3 days

2 to 3 November - 30mg - 2 days

4 and 5th - 20mg

4 different doctors are telling me different ways from now onwards... Some say just stop others say down 2.5 a day!

Am so confused and obviously want to do this safely

Any ideas?

Many thanks