I have been doing any painkiller I can get for the past 3-4 years, & I am only 19 years old now. Before I went from 10 mlg percs to 1-2 (30 mlg) rocicet "oxycodone" thennn I started getting real bad about 4 months ago. I was doing 5-9 (30 mlg) rocicet.
So this is my second day, I have 2 (8mlg) subs nd can get klonopin from my doctor after I taper off these last two subs.
I take "the Thomas recipe" vitamins (not the immodium though idk why), and plan to split my 2nd to last sub in half so I have a half for the next two days (day 2/3 of intense w/d). Then with my final one I'm going to cut it into 1/8s and even 1/16s and try to only take them when needed.
The thing is I've done this all before and always have gone back (if you don't believe that I'm ready to stop do not reply). I can honestly say I am.
I would like tips and help with my joint pain and overall withdrawal ! I need to know other things I can do without doing drugs.
I've been staying away from everyone, for the past day and plan on keeping this that way. I do know some sober ppl but I am not ready to be around them yet :( So I need new hobbies ideas and such.
I knowwww we are all different, I'm not asking for you to tell me what to do, just what you've done. I know all withdrawals are different. I just neeeeed to get my mind off all this.
&&& please no criticism !