... heat flashes are getting worse and worse over this first year, and anxiety was high, don't listen to the answers i saw you had, i was having high anxiety, and at least 15 hours of horrible heat flashes for months, i haven't had any anxiety for 2 months or any heat flashes, the oncologist put me on a low dose of xanax 3 times a day, the other meds that work are lorazapam, valium and klonipin, they work, those people who told you there is nothing you can do, you can, i hope you read this, i don't want you to feel helpless, i did for the first 6 months, remember i have not had a heat flash in two months, before that almost all day all night, ask your oncologist, it works with me, if i had to go on with heat flashes getting worse, i would rather just stop the tamoxifen, GOOD LUCK these drugs will help your anxiety and cool the body off, i"ve been on anxiety meds for over 30 years, start at a low dose, and see how it goes, i've only been on tamoxifen for a year, they needed to up my dose, it's working