My daughter is 3 yo and developed a fever a week ago. We went to her pediatrician and she tested positive for Influenza A. She was prescribed Tamiflu and thus treatment was started less than hours into the illness. She seemed to be doing better. Her fever was gone after a couple days although slight cough and runny nose persisted. Her energy level was good and she had no side effects from the medication. She received her last dose of Tamiflu on Friday evening (so received 5 days of treatment). Her cough and runny nose persisted, but I expected that. My concern is that today she has started vomiting. She doesn't have a fever. If she gets any worse and/or develops a fever obviously we'll take her back in to the doctor. I realize there is a risk of secondary infection and we'll look for that if she gets worse. Now that her stomach is empty she is just having spit-up after coughing. I feel that she maybe needed a longer course of treatment.
I was interested to know if anyone has been prescribed a longer treatment course.