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Talwin Nx - How does Talwin compare with Hydrocodone with respect to pain relief?

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Buddy1971 18 Dec 2009

It's not a pure opiate agonist it is also a antagonist(excuse my spelling) it has a form of Narcan in it so it counteracts the opiate active ingredient in it. Check it out at's main website. It says it's for moderate to severe pain but so does morphine,dilaudid,oxycontin,and MS contin & I know for a fact that all those work better than something with narcan in it. It's meant to prevent abuse,but i've found any(or at least the ones I've tried) don't work as well as pure opiate agonist. I think others will agree.

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debra ann 27 Mar 2011

I agree with buddy1971. This medication causes more trauma than your pain. It doesnt treat pain it only reacts on the opiate receptors, the only reason (your pain) to take this med is blocked; causing decreased BP & HR and will make them confused, dizzy, suddenly lightheaded and faint, but not before they throw up. I would not recommend this medication to any of my patients for fear they will/might injure themselves from these grossly severe side effects. Nubain, also is included in this drug type although with a lesser degree of these side effects. free discount card

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