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Will Talwin help ease opiate withdrawals?

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808wahine96734 7 Mar 2012

hello, ive never heard of it, but there is so many different medications that help, i know one is zofran. its proven, and a benzo. i hope you feel better, take care 808wahine

ARTIST658 7 Mar 2012

Talwin is another narcotic opiate, meaning it is also addictive. If your goal is to be opiate free, you would be defeating your purpose to turn to talwin, which would keep your addiction active. In short order, you'd have to detox off the talwin, which would produce similar opiate withdrawals.

However, if you're NOT looking to get clean - but just to get by until you can get more of your drug of choice, talwin would be a comparable substitute.

808wahine96734 8 Mar 2012

artist658, im on a taper off of percocet 10/325, been taking them almost 2 yrs faithfully for tmj. i havent been doing too good and failed many taper plans given to me my my dc family. yesterday i was just so fed up and took a big jump down , today too, im gonna try and cut out 20 mg for the next 3 or 4 days since im on vacation. im hoping in 3 weeks when i go back im down to 8 pills a day or none, or even with in 2 weeks. i know its alot, and i will hurt. but my quality of life is horrible and im very unhappy. i can really use all the prayers i can get. thanks , leanne

Inactive 7 Mar 2012

Talwin is an opiate! Please read the link I have provided... Mary

mare711 7 Mar 2012

Thanks everyone for your answers, I didn't think it would really help, but it was worth asking to be sure. I've been taking these damn pain pills for many years and I just want to be normal again, so a few months ago I got on a methadone program, I was on methadone maintanence program about 20 years ago and been off methadone for about 17 years now, so I figured I'd do it again, well after only a few weeks and only on 50 mlgs, I had to ask to be lowered cause I was having a hard time functioning on simple day to day things, I don't remember all of it, but my husband and kids told me how I was acting... free discount card

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