Hey guys I'm back agian with another question. So i'm still on Zoloft and made the switch from Paxcil and it hasn't been going well. It's going on the 4th week and I'm still getting anxious more so than I ever have. Paxcil worked for me I was on it for years but just didn't like the weight gain and thought to give something else a try. I'm going to see my dr tommorow who prescribed this and he has uped the dose since monday but I'm just not liking this at all. I would like suggestions on what to do because I don't think I want to continue with this medication. Is it wrong to say no if he wants to up it and ask to go back on what has worked for me? I'm home more and starting to feel like I'm avoiding things because of my anxiousness! My other question is for those of you who have been on meds have you had to be on them your whole life. I want to be able to come off them some day but now I'm scared since this transition period sucked and I went through what seemed like withdrawls from Paxil. I'm also concerned about what to do if I become prego because I don't want to go through what I went through again and if I have to would like to take time off work and school. Any advice helps!