So she wants me on 10 mg a day or less and only go to 20 mg for a day or two once or twice a month when I get a flare. I get flares more often now and I am in more pain than before also my mobility has sharply decreased stiffness and lack of movement is a big problem now. Weight is exacerbating this. I tried talking to my regular Dr but it was not because I wanted pain meds they are paranoid about this where I live. So I have fibro and ra. Plus exposed nerve root in my back and 150 extra lbs. I can't move enough to exercise and if I don't take more prednisone I can't get out if bed many days. I tried to talk to my main Dr and she said since my ra dr deals with my prednisone and is upset at me using more than 10 mg as my baseline I need to talk to my ra dr. I feel like I can't. She is a big wig research Dr in ra and I don't think she listens very well. Sometimes I talk and its like she dismisses what I say and nobody gets the lack of movement and pain. My life is miserable. I am the only parent of 2 disabled sons and they require fulltime care and I have increasing days I am incapacitated. I need to say SOMETHING TI THIS DR WHAT DO I SAY AND STULL BE POLITE